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 This site is for the convenience of my students and their parents, as well as  prospective students.  Established students may log into their account to view schedules, tuition balances, lesson comments, studio policies, and more.  Prospective students may contact me for more information, or register for lessons.

 My Teaching Philosophy

 The ability to play the piano or any other instrument  is a skill that is valued by most people whether or not they themselves play. Through the study of piano, students acquire better coordination skills, concentration, and a sense of discipline with regard to work habits. As a result of consistent work, even a beginning piano student will experience the simple joy of being able to make music for themselves and others. Through the performance experience, students develop confidence and poise. The benefits of musical training are numerous and are now being endorsed by the scientific community with the discovery that children studying a musical instrument perform at higher levels in their academic courses.

The success of a student in any endeavor requires the cooperation of the child, parents, and instructor. Each must understand his or her role regarding this learning process. In fact, the responsibility of the parents and teachers are equal to those of the child.

My Teaching Goal and Method

My goal in teaching is to nurture the musical and personal development of my students and to make the lessons FUN!  I use the Nancy and Randall Faber PIANO ADVENTURES® series.  Here is a website to learn more about this method.


Parents’ Requirements

1. Your involvement and concern will surely communicate to you child the value you place on their study of piano or their instrument, and will help you oversee their practice more effectively.

2. Parents are also encouraged to be present in the room during your child’s practice whenever possible. Even if you are engaged in your work, your child’s ability to concentrate will be increased by your immediate presence.

Student’s Requirements

1. Parents are asked to emphasize practice time as you would homework, household chores, or anything you see as valuable to your child’s development.

2. Students should arrive at lessons on time with clean hands and short nails.

3. Students need to be responsible for bringing all necessary materials (music, assignment books, etc.) to all lessons.


Recitals will be held once a year, usually in the Spring Semester.

 Studio Website

The studio website is:


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In this video clip, my son, David, performs at his first piano recital!